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Bideford Town Council - Register of Members' and Co-opted Members' Interests

Members of the public are required by law to declare interests when they become a Councillor or non-elected Member.  As well as their own interests, the interests of their spouse or partner or the person with whom they live as a spouse or partner must also be declared.  Copies of the Register of interests for Bideford Town Councillors can be viewed at the Council Offices.  Alternatively they can be sent in pdf format by email.  Please email us for further information.

May 2023

Keith Bines (North Ward)

Doug Bushby (North Ward)

Peter Christie (North Ward)

Rachel Clarke (South Ward)

James Craigie (East Ward)

Jude Gubb (East Ward)

Carl Hawkins (West Ward)

James Hellyer (East Ward)

Linda Hellyer (East Ward)

Kenneth Hind (North Ward)

Anthony Inch (West Ward)

Simon Inch (South Ward)

Peter Lawrence (South Ward)

Dermot McGeough (North Ward)

Jamie McKenzie (East Ward)

Morgan Taylor (West Ward)








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