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Bideford Town Council Grant Applications 2024-2025

Grants are provided by the Town Council to support local voluntary organisations which undertake activities benefitting residents.
This includes grant requests for specific projects. 

The applying organisation should be either based wholly in Bideford, or if not, able to demonstrate that it is of benefit to its parishioners.

To find out who can apply for a grant, download the application form, grant criteria and other relevant information for printing, can all be found here:

All grant application forms must be returned by Monday 8th January 2024.


Butcher's Row - Bideford Pannier Market

Shops Units available for rent

We have Butchers's Row Units 8 / 9 & 18 available to rent.

If you'd like further information about these units or an application form, please drop an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 01237 428817 

271023 Butchers Row units 8 9 271023 Butchers Row Unit 18



For the first time since before Covid, the Bideford branch of the Twinning Association travelled to Landivisiau for their annual trip and to celebrate 45 years of Twinning.

This time our Mayor, Councillor Jamie McKenzie and his Mayoress, Mrs Zofia McKenzie joined them – and they had a great time.  The Mayor thanked the Bideford Twinners for inviting him and the Mayoress.  He said “The people from Landivisiau are so very welcoming and we were given a marvellous time with learning about Landivisiau and the Breton cultures.  I managed to win the Sea-shell spitting competition which makes me the British Champion but not the European Champion!”  He added “We were treated like family and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone joining the Twinning Association – it’s not just for older people!”

on the left Bideford Town Mayor, Councillor Jamie McKenzie and on the left Landivisiau Deputy Mayor M. Louis Saliou

Our picture shows our Mayor, Jamie McKenzie with the Deputy Mayor of Landivisiau, M. Louis Saliou.   


Did you know you can hire Bideford's historic Pannier Market Hall, which is sited in the Old Town area of Bideford?
The facilities include the popular Gallery Cafe, free Wi-Fi, baby changing area toilets (including those for the disabled).
Do you have an event coming up, which you need a hall for? Why not consider the Pannier Market Hall!
Hirings can be for individual / private bookings, community groups and sporting events.
All enquiries are welcome. Rates are competitive.
For more information, please do email or telephone:
The Market Administrator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
01237 428817
We would be happy to show you around!
Bideford Pannier Market sign outside Historic Pannier Market hall for hire with a hanging basket of orange and red flowers wording says competitive rates individual private bookings community events and sporting groups all enquiries welcome



Bideford Town Council elected the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, on Monday 15th May at the Annual Meeting, for the 2023-2024 term.

Councillor Jamie McKenzie was voted in, following the tradition of the Deputy Mayor progressing forward to Mayor. Councillor McKenzie is from East the Water and is a Bideford boy – many of you will know him and some may remember him from their schooldays!

Jamie will be supported by his Mayoress and wife Zofia. He said, when he was elected, that he felt privileged to serve as his home town Mayor and would do his best to represent Bideford in the best light possible.

Councillor Jamie McKenzie
Bideford Town Mayor 2023-2024 

Town Mayor of Bideford – Councillor Jamie McKenzie with the Mayoress, Mrs Zofia McKenzie

Town Mayor of Bideford – Councillor Jamie McKenzie with the Mayoress, Mrs Zofia McKenzie


Cllr Rachel Clarke Deputy Mayor

Councillor Rachel Clarke
Deputy Mayor of Bideford 2023-2024



Bideford has been awarded the status of a Toilet Twinned Town, and a Certificate, presented by the President of Bideford Rotary to the Mayor, is proudly displayed in The Town Hall.

On the left Jill Eddie, President of Bideford Rotary presenting to Mayor of Bideford on her last day in office a certificate for Toilet Twined Town which will be on display in the Town Hall.


In Bideford we have access to safe toilets, in our homes, at work and when we are out shopping or visiting, but 2.3 billion people, about a quarter of the world’s population, do not, which makes their lives uncomfortable, unpleasant, and presents a huge risk. Teenage girls, who need privacy, are particularly at risk and many are forced to miss school.

During the past year, after an evening of fund-raising and challenging toilet games, Bideford Rotarians have nominated 20 toilets in and around Bideford, and each twin, for a donation of £60, has been paired with a toilet in an African country - Mozambique, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burkina Faso among them. The funds also contribute to community education and sanitation programmes.

Bideford’s 20 twinned toliets, each marked with its own Toilet Twinning Certificate, are located at Moreton House, The Big Sheep, Burton Art Gallery, Littleham Village Hall, The Royal Hotel, The Town Hall, West Croft Primary School, Appledore Shipyard, the Bread Café (Allhalland Street), Bideford Medical Centre and St Mary’s Church.

Mayor Jude Gubb, in her last day in office, said, ‘With so many toilets twinned, Bideford is flushed with success.’

Jill Eddie, President of Bideford Rotary, added, ‘Rotary has responsibilities to its local community and to communities across the world. We raised funds in Bideford and, working with ‘Toilet Twinning’, an international charity, we were proud to provide safe sanitation in 20 African villages, which will make many lives safer and healthier.’

For more information, contact Euan Eddie, International and Foundation Lead at Bideford Rotary – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Bideford - A Fairtrade Town

fairtrade & Living Wage employers

Fairtrade is about equitable pricing, good work conditions, sustainability and fair trading for farmers and workers in the developing world. Bideford is a registered Fairtrade Town - Support local and world farmers - look for the fairtrade logo on your shopping items.

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