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Northam Care Trust Charity Quiz Night - Friday 8 March 2019

North Care Trust Quiz Night 8 March 002

 Libraries Unlimited showing of The Crucible - 14 March 2019


Bid Sustainability

Bideford Sustainability Group Morning and Evening Meetings  are held:

On the 1st Tuesday of every month at The Blacksmith Arms, East-the-Water at 7.30pm.

There is an exception for January 2019, when the meeting will be held on 2nd Tuesday – 8th January. 

Following meetings are 5 February and 5 March 2019.

Morning meetings are held on 3rd Thursday of each month in the Custom House at 11.00 am, and will be - 17 January, 21 February and 21 March 2018

All welcome especially new members!


Ceremony of Bideford Manor Court - Saturday 16 March 2019

The principal purpose of the Court, apart from preserving the traditional Ceremony, is to receive Presentments from the electors within the parish of Bideford for deliberation by the Council, in the interests of the Town.  These Presentments will be considered and presented to the Court by the Jury, the members of which are required to be electors within the parish of Bideford, sworn in at the Court for that purpose.  

Applicants who wish to attend, and those sending in presentments all need to be Bidefordians.

The Mayor presides and a guest speaker is invited along to "entertain" the participants while the jurors deliberate on the presentments before them. 

If you would like to send in a presentment, or would like to be a juror, or wish to apply to attend the ceremony.

Please contact 01237 428818 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.        

Further information can also be found here:



Plots can come vacant at any time and up at Tricks and Handy Cross Allotments.

Tricks even have their record for winning the best allotment site for the last three years.

If you are interested in joining the waiting list for a plot at Tricks, or a plot at our Handy Cross site, please request an application form from:  Lesley Dixon-Chatfield - Assistant to the Town Clerk, Bideford Town Council on 01237 428818 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






                                                                    PANNIER MARKET MINIBUS SERVICE   

                                                                                       Pannier Market Shuttle Bus

Did you know that from the 3 April 2018, the Pannier Market Minibus Service will run every Tuesday and Saturday from Victoria Park direct to the Pannier Market

The service starting from Victoria Park at 10.00 am, runs approximately every 20 minutes, returning to Victoria Park for the next shuttle run, until the last departure at 14.40 pm.

This is a FREE service for all.


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