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Magpie's Nest - Haberdashery, Textiles and Crafts

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The Magpie's Nest is a veritable treasure trove for the crafter, If you are looking for supplies to make your crafting stand out from the crowd, then this is the shop for you. The Magpie's Nest lives up to it's name and stocks an eclectic mix of whatever takes the proprietor Megan Hurford's fancy, from antique buttons to vintage suitcases, china tea sets to toy sewing machines, a wide range of vintage haberdashery and fabrics.

If making your own clothes is your thing, the shop has a selection of vintage dressmaking patterns, skirt kits, knitting patterns, vintage knitting needles and crochet hooks. Also in stock is a selection of vintage and modern fabrics from lightweight dressmaking cotton to tweed and upholstery fabrics. The Magpie's Nest also stocks a range of brand new haberdashery items, including tape measures, seam rippers, needles and wheels of pearl headed pins at a very purse friendly £1 per item, which are great value for money and good quality too.

The Magpie's Nest also stocks a small selection of good quality vintage and contemporary clothing and accessories, including scarves, handbags and beautiful vintage jewellery.

 Megan loves making things and can often be found working on her various creations in the shop. Amongst other things, Megan makes velvet pumpkins, wreaths, textile and metal decorative bird cage mobiles and button jewellery. Megan also offers craft workshops including crochet lessons and peg dolly making sessions for adults and children.

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