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Elections 2019

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Introducing the Mayor and Deputy Mayor


On Thursday, 10 May, the full Town Council elected the Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor for 2018-2019.  Councillor Doug Bushby was elected Mayor for the year and Councillor Peter Christie was elected Deputy Mayor for the same period of time.  Both represent Bideford North Ward on the Town Council.

Councillor Doug Bushby was born in the area and runs a locally based business.  He served as a very successful Deputy Mayor last year, and has been a councillor on Bideford Town Council for three years.

Councillor Bushby has been a driving force behind the employment of our Maintenance Operatives and is extremely keen to continue to work hard for improvements to the town he holds dear to his heart.  Councillor Bushby will be supported by his wife Shelia as Mayoress.

Councillor Peter Christie was elected as Deputy Mayor.  Councillor Christie, a semi-retired teacher, is a well known local historian and author of historical books.  He is the longest serving councillor on Bideford Town Council and previously served as Mayor of Bideford in 1985-1986 and 2004-2005.

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