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Website Accessibility

We are committed to making our website as accessible as possible. We want everyone to be able to use it, no matter what their impairments and which technologies they use.

We are in the process of reviewing the accessibility of our website. We will be updating this page and our website with detailed information on an ongoing basis.


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Changing colours, font, text size and other settings   

All modern browsers allow you to change colours and font sizes. We’ve tried to create a site which doesn’t get in the way when you change these settings

For advice on changing settings, check out the BBC’s accessibility pages.               

You can choose your operating system (eg. Windows), your Browser (eg. Internet Explorer) and the problem you’re trying to fix. You’ll then get lots of relevant advice on accessibility settings.

Contact Us  


If you have any problems using the site, we’d really like to know. We’ll try and sort it out quickly and offer you advice.

You can use our Contact Us  link or contact us by phone  01237 428818

Phone and TypeTalk - Text Relay 

You can Contact Us via Phone or TypeTalk (Text Relay)

Face to face at the Town Hall

The Town Hall, Bridge Street, Bideford, EX39 2HS

The Town Hall has:

  • Wheelchair access/pram access
  • Lift

What we’ve done  

Plain English

We try to write in plain English and avoid jargon. If you don’t understand something, please let us know.

Heading structures

The site uses simple heading structures which should make it easier to navigate, especially for people who use screen readers.

Web standards

We try our best to comply with code standards (eg. CSS and HTML) and W3C WAI guidelines.



If you are having any problems accessing information on our website, then please contact us on 01237 428818 or

by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

♦Delivering the information you need about our decision making processes and supporting community participation in local democracy♦

♦ Helping to make the beautiful Town of Bideford a better place to live and work in! ♦

Bideford - A Fairtrade Town

fairtrade & Living Wage employers

Fairtrade is about equitable pricing, good work conditions, sustainability and fair trading for farmers and workers in the developing world. Bideford is a registered Fairtrade Town - Support local and world farmers - look for the fairtrade logo on your shopping items.

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