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At Reality Creations you will discover a selection of quality jewellery, crystals, gemstones, art & more - there's sure to be something you'd like for a fine gift for someone...or  simply as a treat for yourself! We have a selection of fine jewellery sourced from around the world and we are able to offer pieces to you at amazing prices.

Crystal Laser Image Blocks
A selection of fine quality optical crystal blocks featuring 3-D laser engraved images of various scenes. They are the perfect gift as they do not degrade with age and crystal keeps its purity and splendor forever, placed in one of our LED display stands they will create an amazing gift for anyone.

3d High Definition Pictures (holographic) - the image almost leaps out of the picture as well as appear in different positions depending on the angle you view them from. Each picture is strung inside a wooden frame that is decorated with dream catcher style beads and feathers.

Diamond Shaped Crystals - crystals cut into the classic ‘Diamond’ shape and sold in padded gift boxes. These crystals look truly stunning when caught by the light, and would be perfect as an ornamental piece or as a gift for a loved one.

Necklace 02Crystal Laser Block Key rings - these crystal key rings are made from Optical Crystal, which is skilfully hand cut and then polished by skilled craftsmen. Each image is then created by sending thousands of laser beams into high quality optical crystal producing a three dimensional image.

Zodiac Laser Blocks - each one of these Crystal Laser Blocks comes beautifully packed in a presentation box.
The clarity and quality of these blocks is about the best we have seen. You can tell the grade of the laser etching by the size of the individual dots; the smaller the dots the greater the detail, which all adds to the magic of this amazing gift idea.

Artistic Wall Decor - with wall mounting hole on the back. We have now these styles which are made of paper and hand painted on canvas, layered with added acrylic paint they are given a lot of depth and texture, making these very unique pieces of artwork.

Other Services
Printing pictures on mugs - you can have any photo/image printed onto a mug, plate or slate. The finished item is very durable and the image will not scratch off or become dull. Deliver an image to our shop so that we can digitise it for you, your mug will be ready for you the same day. Photos Printed on Framed Canvas - Choose your picture, we can create a vivid canvas framed picture for you. Any size available up to A0 size (118cm x 84cm). Printing is also available on T-shirts and other fabrics such as bags, scarves etc. We also carry out computer repairs, laminating and photocopying.

Opening Times:
All week (except Sundays): 10:00am - 3:30pm

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