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Allotment Committee Minutes 3 April 2014

North Ward:   

Councillor Mrs M Fulford

South Ward:       

Councillor  S G Inch (Town Mayor)

East Ward:   

Councillor R W Vanstone (Chairman)
Councillor D Howell


Mrs D Godfrey-Smith
Mrs J Anderson


Mr R Coombes (Deputy Town Clerk)
5 x Tenants


Councillor Mrs E A Brenton (North Ward – personal) and Mr S Long (Tricks – personal).


There were no declarations of interest.


There were no participants.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 22 January 2014 were approved and signed as a correct record.

(Vote – For: 7, Against: 0)


There was no update.


a.   The Chairman commended the Contractors, Courtier Ltd, for having completed the work in the advised timescale.  He advised that although the compensation payment had been received from South West Water (SWW) the monies had not been distributed following their original caveat that cashing the cheque would constitute full and final settlement.  Given that Courtier Utility Services have a 12 month retention period for any defects, that includes the track, it was, he believed, fair and proper to process the remittance.

The Deputy Town Clerk indicated that a sum of £500.00, originally allocated to a former tenant, would support the allotted Contingency figure of £500.00.
Mrs Godfrey-Smith advised that the aforementioned Tenant had taken the Shed from Plot seventeen, monies had been allocated to replace it, and that while the Plot remained vacant fellow tenants would prepare it for re-letting and that a Pollyfield Site owned Shed would be purchased for the Plot in lieu of the removed shed. 

Mrs Anderson questioned the Water Storage provision.  Mrs Godfrey-Smith indicated that Mr A Mitchell had sourced (former orange juice) containers at £50.00 + VAT.  She confirmed that the Site would need forty.  Experience had proved that the plastic handles could be improved upon with equivalent metal ones which could be purchased with Contingency monies.

The Deputy Town Clerk advised that the compensation was for those identified Pollyfield Allotment tenants and the Site proper.  Any underspend would further increase the Contingency sum. 

Councillor Brenton established the compensation figure and that those affected were content.  Mrs Anderson noted that Mr Andrew (SWW) had previously indicated that the compensation package was over and above (the norm).  The Chairman reflected on the loss of growing seasons against the benefit of the improved site condition including central pathway, improved car park facility and water collection package.  He indicated that other councils could benefit with the knowledge gained from the Project Process, that had crops been planted, any loss would have seen compensation, any delay to the works would have seen the reaping of that which had been sown.

Mrs Godfrey-Smith spoke on the works and support from Mr Courtier in correcting those notified issues.  She and Mrs Anderson had consulted with the affected tenants and where necessary addressed any issues; signatures were collected confirming assent with the works in the knowledge that Courtier Ltd had a twelve month commitment to the Site; she indicated that the Turning Circle will be improved upon.

The Chairman led the Committee in recognising the efforts made by Mrs Godfrey-Smith, Mrs Anderson and Mr A Mitchell.

The Deputy Town Clerk stated that although the Pollyfield Allotment Association was not constituted and, therefore, not fully autonomous in the manner of both Marland and Handy Cross, it was understood throughout the Sewer Pipe Process that they represented the Site tenants’ interests.   Having sought advice from the Financial and Proper Officer he indicated that when the Contingency Fund monies were being drawn upon the Chairman and Secretary should consult the Chairman of the Allotment Committee and advise their fellow tenants through use of the Notice Board. 

• The Chairman reiterated that all should be privy to the expenditure.
• Mrs Godfrey-Smith indicated that receipts would be given to the Deputy Town Clerk.
• Councillor Howell confirmed that payment information should be available to all giving complete openness.
• The Chairman felt that knowledge of the balance could encourage new ideas to be brought forward.

The Chairman and Mrs Godfrey-Smith spoke on the additional gate provision and site / shed padlock security.  Mrs Godfrey-Smith provided detail on the hard core surface of the car park and central path.
Proposed by Councillor Inch, seconded and

RESOLVED:  That the South West Water compensation cheque is paid into the appropriate Council account, tenants are compensated in accordance with the agreed Compensation list, any underspend monies remain with the Pollyfield Site Contingency allocation.  Any Contingency purchase is duly notified to all tenants, incorporating the Notice Board, the Chairman of the Allotment Committee is consulted and all purchase receipts are provided to the Deputy Town Clerk.

(Vote – For: 7, Against: 0)

b.   The Committee discussed the recognition of the effort of Mr Andrew Mitchell in facilitating / overseeing the works on behalf of the Tenants.

Proposed by Mrs Godfrey-Smith, seconded and

RESOLVED:  That Mr Andrew Mitchell is paid £200.00 from the Contingency Allocation in recognition of his efforts in facilitating the works for all Pollyfield Site stakeholders.

(Vote – For: 7, Against: 0)


The Chairman confirmed that a reduction be considered.  Following discussion it was:

Proposed by Mrs Godfrey-Smith, seconded and

RESOLVED:  That those affected tenants are charged for six months’ rent i.e. a full plot at an annual rent of twenty five pounds will be billed for twelve pounds fifty pence.

(Vote – For: 7, Against: 0)

The business of the meeting having been completed, the Chairman thanked the Project Members and the Committee for their attendance and the meeting concluded at 6.46 pm.

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