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 Minutes of the Tourism Committee held in the Town Hall, Bideford on Tuesday 8 March at 6.00 pm


East Ward:
Councillor Mrs R Craigie
Councillor J McKenzie
Councillor S Robinson

North Ward:   
Councillor D Bushby

South Ward (Outer):
Councillor D Howell (Chairman)

Atlantic Village TIC   

Mrs Ruth Benney


Mrs H J Blackburn (Town Clerk)
Mrs L Dixon-Chatfield (Town Clerk’s Assistant)


None received


No declarations of interest were received at this point.


No members of the public were present.


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 27 January 2016 were approved and signed as a correct record.

(Vote For: 5, Against: 0)


Members were updated as follows:

The Town Clerk’s Assistant, Lesley, confirmed that the Food Festival would take place on Sunday 7 August from 9.30 am until 6pm.  She explained that she was waiting to hear back from Daryl Littlejohn and Bideford College with regard to cooking demonstrations and a generic competition.
She had spoken to one of the local breweries who had offered a 12 barrel stillage to use and would be speaking to another to organise a beer tasting event with the other Torridge breweries.

Lesley would be requesting an updated layout of the Pannier Market (showing the new craft units) in order to plan the stalls.  She anticipated, being that it was the summer, to have a couple of picnic benches, with parasols, outside the south entrance to the Market Hall.  She had compiled a list of Torridge suppliers and was in the process of contacting them.

Councillor Bushby asked if Lesley would supply him with a copy of the new Hall layout when she received one in order to help him with the Classic Bike event.

The Chairman asked if there would be any musical events, Lesley said she was anticipating solo or duo performers, licences permitting.  He also suggested she contact the North Devon Small Producers for their list of Torridge suppliers.

Lesley concluded that she would also contact the Town Marshall to request the Army Cadets be present to help with marshalling.


Members were updated as follows:

•    Craft Fair –

Ruth Benney agreed with the revised date of Saturday 3 December 2016 for the Craft Fair in the Pannier Market.  This would coincide with the Signing of the Lease ceremony and bring a flavour of celebration to the event. 
She has a list of crafters to contact but would also be in touch with Sarah Logan from the Pannier Market who organised the Valentine’s Market this year.

(Councillor Mrs Craigie arrived at the meeting)

•    Classic Bike Show –

Cllr Bushby explained that he was looking at a date in January 2017 in order not to clash with the vast amount of bike events through the summer and autumn, especially as this would be an indoor show.  This would determine when he would place advertisements into two of the main Motorcycle publications that would get maximum exposure.  He suggested an initial advertisement in August/September with a follow-up reminder in December.

Cllr Bushby did express concern with regard to parking for the exhibitors as many motorcycles would need to be pushed and that Honestone Street Car Park is a distance from the Market.  He had also noticed that Honestone Street Car Park could get very busy on a Sunday. 
Car parking and road closures were discussed by members with the possibility of paying for reserved spaces or limited road closure times for exhibitors to get their motorcycles unloaded prior to the show and then loaded after.

Cllr Bushby discussed the accessibility to the Market Hall on a Saturday and if it would be busy.  The Town Clerk explained that with the new craft units it would be difficult to say, although Saturday’s can be a little quiet in the cold winter months.  She concluded that 4pm would be the time Cllr Bushby would be able to access the Hall to set up and that a set of keys would be available to him.  The Chairman explained that the stalls would need to be moved and that Mr Gurler would assist with this

An entrance fee was briefly discussed and Cllr Bushby suggested a small amount of perhaps £1 could be levied, although the Chairman preferred entrance to be free.

Cllr Bushby concluded that he would have a Show date at the next Tourism meeting.


The Chairman announced that the first clean up day would be Sunday 3 April and that the organising was moving forwards with the working group. 

He explained that a few brooms and gardening tools would need to be purchased for these events.

Proposed by Councillor McKenzie, seconded and

RECOMMENDED:  That items relevant for the Clean Up day are purchased within the £100 budget allocated.

(Vote For: 6, Against: 0)


The Chairman had been in discussion with various street theatre artistes and put forward a programme to members:

Street Theatre would be on four Tuesdays through the summer holidays, for 3hrs – 3.5hrs each day.  There would be Dave Hendy with Magic or Punch and Judy, Facepainting with possibly Glitter Painting, and Entertainingly Different.  All would be roving entertainment except for Punch and Judy which would be static.  Members agreed that magic would be more captivating across a wider age group, rather than Punch and Judy.
The costs worked out to just under £500 for each Tuesday, keeping within the £2,500 budget.
The Chairman explained that the street theatre would be centred in Mill Street and possibly Jubilee Square and because it was “roving”, licences would not be required.  On wet weather days, the Pannier Market would be an option but he would contact the Baptist Church to explore the possibilities of using it. 

A small marquee was discussed but it was agreed that it would require personnel to erect and take down, and storage.

The Chairman explained that on wet weather days, publicity of the change of venue would be essential and that perhaps A boards could be obtained for this information.
Councillor Bushby said he could assist as he had one or two plain white A boards he could loan.

Proposed by Councillor  McKenzie, seconded and

RECOMMENDED: That the above programme of events and affiliated tasks are carried out. 

(Vote For: 6, Against: 0)

The Chairman asked the Town Clerk to update members on the position so far.
The Town Clerk explained that a quote for the work to clear up the site had been received from Wings, members had a copy of this, and that the potholes had been reported on the DCC website. 

Members asked if there was any liability for the area on the Town Council, and were advised that the Town Clerk had received confirmation from Highways that there would be none and that we had adopted the sign and the supporting posts only.  Highways also confirmed that a team from the Probation Service had been deployed to tidy the area.  The Chairman explained that whilst this had been done, further thorough clearing was required.

A quote had been received from SWH for the repair and making good of the sign surface but the artwork was still to be arranged.  The Chairman had spoken to Warren Collum regarding suitable artwork and would defer to him for a quotation. 

A budget for the site had been set for £1,000, the Town Clerk explained that if the artwork came in at £600, with the SWH sign refurbishment quote of £400 this would exhaust the overall budget.  She suggested members request a further £1,440 for the Wings quote from Town Council.

Proposed by Councillor Busby, seconded and

RECOMMENDED: That a request for £1,440 from The Town Projects Fund be
allocated for the Wings quotation for clearance, picnic tables, fence repair and maintenance of the area at Landcross.   

(Vote For: 6, Against:  0)


It was agreed that the next meeting would be scheduled for 10 May 2016 at 6.00 pm in the Council Chamber.

The business of the meeting having been completed, the Chairman thanked the members for their attendance and the meeting concluded at 6.46 pm.


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