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Minutes of the Tourism Committee Meeting held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall on Tuesday 7th March 2023 at 6.00 pm
East Ward:
Councillor Mrs J Gubb (Town Mayor)
South Ward:
Councillors Mrs S Langford
Councillor S Inch (Chairman)
Councillor P Lawrence
North Ward:
Councillor D Bushby
West Ward:
Councillor C Hawkins
Mrs L Dixon-Chatfield, Town Clerk’s Asst
Miss Lucy Lowe – SWEMS (co-Organiser)
There were no apologies.
No declarations were received at this part of the meeting.
There were no members of the public in attendance.
Proposed by Councillor Lawrence and seconded by Councillor Mrs Gubb, the minutes of the meeting held on 31st January 2023 were approved and signed as a correct record.  
(Vote – For: 6, Against: 0)
In order for Miss Lowe to update and discuss items 5, 6, and part of 7 on the agenda, the Chairman proposed to suspend Standing Orders.  Seconded by Councillor Mrs Gubb.
RESOLVED:  To suspend Standing Orders for Agenda Items 5,6, and part of 7.
(Vote – For 6, Against: 0)
The Chairman invited Lucy Lowe to update members and open the discussion on this item.  
Lucy had received a lot of interest and felt it was time to start taking the bookings but a framework was needed in order to produce an application form.  
Lucy and members discussed:
Staging  -  Lucy has a catwalk and there is a small piece of staging at the Pannier Market.  Councillor Bushby could get more staging if needed for the Performance Night but it would have to be returned the following day without fail. 
PA  -  Councillor Mrs Gubb was happy to provide the PA but she didn’t have a karaoke machine.  Councillor Bushby said that this would be vital and gave Lucy the name of someone who had given up the business but possibly had a karaoke machine and a smoke machine,  The smoke machine could be used to create atmosphere for the participant coming onto the stage.
Tickets  - All agreed that £3 would be an acceptable price for the audience to pay, with under 14’s being admitted free of charge.  Over 14’s at the adult price.  
Entrants  -  No charge for taking part.  Members discussed numbers of entrants and agreed that 20 would be the maximum, in order to fit into the two hour slot allowing for an interval.  All ages welcome to take part, pets permitted (within sensible reason).  Categories would depend on the entries received and will be reviewed by Lucy and members.  
Music formats and Bands  -  Lucy asked if members had considered setting up a “back line” for bands ie drums.  This would save setting up time, she would find out if she could source this.  All agreed that the entrants would need to declare the format of their music.  
Timings  -  All agreed that the Show would start at 8.00pm and finish at 10.00pm.  Doors open for the audience at 7.15pm to be seated by 7.45pm.  There would be an interval for people to get drinks and something to eat.
Food  -  Lucy would speak with the outlets at the Pannier Market about easy hot food and drinks to be available to purchase at reasonable prices.  The possibility of people ordering before the Show starts so that they can collect it in the interval was discussed.  
Sale of Alcohol  -  Members agreed that a bar would be good.  Lucy has access to a mobile bar.  Councillor Bushby suggested sale or return on selected bottles of beer.  The Clerk would ask a local licensee.
Judging  -  Councillor Bushby suggested, and all agreed that judges would say a few words after each act, using a roving mic. And write their scores down.  Members discussed who should be approached for judging.  Councillor Hawkins suggested the Manager of the Palladium Club,  Councillor Lawrence suggested the Director of Up Close Theatre, the performer Merlin was suggested as well as one other. 
Prizes  -  Members discussed whether all entrants should receive a prize.  But they agreed that a cash first prize and a runner up prize. 
Lucy would draw up an application form, together with promotional material.
The Chairman invited Lucy Lowe to open this item regarding Bideford Fair.  Lucy asked what members would like to be included in the event.  
Largely, it was agreed that the same as last year but a central attraction would be needed.  Lucy would get in touch with a local Father/Son motorbike stunt show.  Other shows like this are around but are not local to Bideford and are expensive.  Councillor Bushby had seen this and said it would go down well.  The duo involve more to their act than just motorbikes.  
All members agreed there needed to be more food outlets as the food ran out very early last year.  
The subject of the re-enactment was raised and it was suggested that actors and costumes are found to re-create a version of the Signing of the Charter.  This could be performed two or three times during the event, with a Narrator explaining what is happening.  
These actors could form part of the Mayor’s Procession through the Town.  
Councillor Lawrence asked for the PA to be central in the Park so that it could be heard from all angles.  Very little could be heard from the area around the Burton last year.  Councillor Gubb said this could be done quite easily.
He also would look at Soundwave Radio to be present with a live broadcast.
Members asked that the Grant Recipients from last year are asked to be involved.  The Clerk would draw up a list.
Lucy would start on the promotion of the event and start booking attractions, liaising with the Clerk.
Lucy would apply for the licence. 
The Rotary Club had asked to be involved.  And the Friends of St Marys had similarly requested involvement.  The latter would be verified by Councillor Bushby when he next attended a Friends of St Mary’s meeting.
In both cases the capacity for involvement was not fully known.  More enquiries would need to be made. 
a)    Coronation Day in the Pannier Market 
The Chairman asked Lucy Lowe if and what she had planned for the Coronation weekend.  
There had already been some mention of an event in the Pannier Market on the Saturday or Sunday of the Coronation weekend. 
Lucy would like to use the big screen in the Pannier Market on Coronation Day (Saturday) with the event showing.  She had considered possibly afternoon tea in the Market Hall, with tables set out and decorations – to create a street party atmosphere. 
Councillor Mrs Langford had been approached by a member of her ward regarding funding for street parties and she asked if these could be funded by Council.  Councillor Bushby said that it was not possible to give money to individuals.  He did say that funding could be given to an event in the Pannier Market.
Members all agreed that a buffet would not work and that whatever is produced needs to be plated, in order for it to be available to everyone. 
Lucy would find out prices of food for the event.
Lucy gave leave of the meeting and members thanked her for her time, input and assistance.  
Councillor Inch proposed a return to Standing Orders, seconded by Councillor Mrs Gubb, and
RESOLVED:  That the meeting returns to Standing Orders.    
(Vote  -  For: 6, Against: 0) 
Further ideas for the Coronation were discussed including:
b) Commissioning of Decorative Railings at Victoria Park
Councillor Bushby had not as yet heard back from the person who had started on a design.  He would get in touch again.
c) Commemorative benches on sites on both sides of the River.
The Clerk explained that there were two companies the Council had used for benches.  It was considered that the company used for the Jubilee benches could supply.  
A site would need to be sought for the west side, and Councillor Mrs Gubb had a suggestion for the East side.  She explained that the entrance to Heathfield Road lost its bench some time ago, and as it is a lovely place to sit after climbing the hill it would be ideal.   Members agreed 
Proposed by Councillor Inch and seconded by Councillor Bushby, and 
RECOMMENDED:  That two benches be purchased with associated plaques, one for a site west of the river (to be decided) and one for east of the river at the entrance to Heathfield Road.  Permissions for installations would be needed from relevant authorities.
(Vote  -  For: 6, Against: 0)
d) Commemorative medal for School children
The Clerk circulated examples of coins from two companies.  Members discussed numbers and costs.  Councillor Inch would find out if further discounts would be given for larger orders.  Members preferred the medal from “School Bears” website.  The Clerk explained that this company also specialises in supplying Schools, Authorities and Councils with commemorative items.  
The cost would be (shown at the price per 500) iro £2,600 but this could well be reduced.  The coin comes in its own protective case and would be engraved with our details on the reverse (all within the price).  There were three designs to choose from and members chose (c) which shows the Royal crest on one side and a Council name on the reverse.  A print out of these forms part of these minutes.   
Members further discussed the awarding of the medals which would be carried out by the Mayor in person in full regalia.  The Clerk to find out numbers from the Schools.
The Chairman concluded that as this is a historic event and as other Councils are doing something similar,  it would be an important thing for this Council to do.  Most members agreed.
Proposed by Councillor Inch and seconded by Councillor Bushby, and 
RECOMMENDED:  That medals are purchased from School Bears showing Bideford Town Council on the reverse of the Royal Insignia for the Coronation.  To be awarded to primary aged school children in Bideford (including St Mary’s) by the Mayor of the day in full regalia.  
(Vote:  For: 5, Against: 0, Abstentions: 1)
e) Commemorative Tree Planting
All members were in agreement with planting trees and felt that a tree for each primary school would be fitting.  Further, they all agreed that a tree that is reasonably fast growing and that would blossom - especially around May each year would be ideal. 
Councillor Bushby agreed to visit the schools to discuss this – with a proper tree planting ceremony with the Mayor.  
The Chairman would look at 4 trees of a reasonable size.  Members had agreed that small saplings would not create much interest but that those of young maturity would be best.  Associated guards and plaques would need to be purchased too.  The Clerk asked the Chairman if he could be conscious of avoiding plastic guards and stays.  
Proposed by Councillor Inch, seconded by Councillor Bushby and 
RECOMMENDED:  That 4 young trees are purchased for planting in School grounds of the four Primary Schools with a tree planting ceremony.  
(Vote  -  For: 6, Against: 0)
The Clerk apologised for the inclusion of this item on the agenda, it had been covered at the previous meeting.  
The Chairman asked members to move on to the next item.
The Chairman confirmed that the date had been chosen.
The Clerk had booked the Hog Roast but a vegetarian/vegan option was required and she asked members to make a choice.  They agreed that the Hog Roast would be the standard and that the Veg. option would be the Thai Curry.
Councillor Bushby would contact Hockins Ice Cream.
The Clerk would contact participants. 
The Clerk confirmed that the Liberty Sisters were booked for the event.  And it had been agreed at the last meeting that Pollyfield Centre would be the venue.  
She circulated the Beacon Lighting Programme from Bruno Peek and pointed out that it included commemorating British-ness by having the national dish of Fish and Chips and mushy peas.  
Members were in agreement with this.  Councillor Bushby added that the Fish and Chip mobile units could be contacted and suggested this need not be a full portion per person but kept at a price of £5 per head. 
Members felt that this would dispense with the need for a buffet.  
The Clerk further suggested that a list of all Bidefordians who had been involved in the D-Day landings be sought and their names read out as had been done at the Beacon Lighting for the Centenary of the end of Word War I in 2018.  She would make enquiries.  
Members were in agreement that the queues for the bar at the Pollyfield Centre could not be repeated and this would need to be discussed throughout these plans.  
Members were in agreement that the Clerk’s suggestion of inviting people to wear 1940’s fancy dress to the event would be a good idea.  This would be optional but not compulsory.
The Chairman concluded that this item be included in agendas going forward. 
The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 25th April 2023.
The business of the meeting having been completed, the Chairman thanked the members for their attendance and the meeting concluded at 7.25 pm.

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