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Minutes of the Staffing, Finance & General Purposes Committee - 13 October 2016


North Ward:

Councillor D Bushby
Councillor P Christie
Councillor D McGeough
Councillor P J Pester

South Ward:

Councillor D G Brenton
Councillor A T Inch (Substitute for Councillor M Langmead).
Councillor S G Inch  (Chairman)
Councillor R Wootton

South Ward (Outer):    

Councillor D Howell (Mayor)

Mrs H J Blackburn (Town Clerk)
Mrs L C Dixon-Chatfield (Asst to TC)
Councillor T Johns
Mr P North – Coach - Bideford AFC Youth


Councillor M Langmead (East Ward – Personal)


Councillor D Brenton declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 5 - (Member of the Twinning Association and Grow-Jigsaw.)

Councillor AT Inch declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 5 - (Member of the Twinning Association, family members belong to the Tarka Band and Bideford Youth Pipe Band.)

Councillor S G Inch declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 5 - (Family Members belong to the Youth Pipe Band, Member of the Committee for the Bideford Massed Pipe Bands, Chairman of the Board of the Tarka Pipe Band and Member of the Twinning Association.)

Councillor D McGeough declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 5 - (President of Bideford AFC Reserves.)

Councillor P J Pester declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 5 - (Bideford and District Archive Council Committee member, President of the Carnival Committee, President of Regatta Committee, and Member of BARC).


Mr P North spoke in support of the Bideford AFC Youth grant application.  Councillor Johns spoke in support of the applications from Bideford Town Band and Bideford Methodist Church.


No items were raised.


The Town Clerk advised Members of the budgetary implications of making grant awards at the same level as last year.   The Town Council will have increased expenditure in the coming year due to the employment of two maintenance operatives and the associated costs, coupled with the loss of the Council tax support grant.

The Chairman asked Members to agree to vote “in principle” on each application with a vote on the total grant sum once all grants had been considered .  This would allow individual grants awards to be revisited at the end should this be required to stay within the agreed budget.

Proposed by Councillor Pester, seconded and

RECOMMENDED: That the maximum total for the grant allocation for 2017/18 is £80,000 with a contingency figure of £20,000.

(Vote: For: 8, Against: 1)

Proposed by Councillor S Inch, seconded and

RESOLVED: That voting on the applications is “in principle” with a final vote on the total grant sum once all applications had been considered.

(Vote: For: 8, Against: 1)

The Councillors then considered each application received and made recommendations to Full Council for the award of grants from 1 April 2018, as detailed in the table below.  The voting information in italics, shows the proposals which were put forward and seconded, but which did not have the majority vote.

Applicant                Proposers    Vote: For / Against / Abst    Not carried    Amount Recomm-ended    Comments
No. 1 Branch Bideford OAPs        PP/DBr        9/0                         £500.00     
Atlantic Village TIC            DH/DBr        9/0                        £1,000.00        To be taken from the Tourism Budget
Bideford Amateur Boxing Club        DM/AT        9/0                        £1,000.00    
Bideford AFC Youth            PP/Dbu        9/0                        £3,500.00    
Bideford Amateur Rowing Club        PP/AI        7 1 1    DH/RW  £3,000                £5,000.00    
Bideford  Club Disabled Learners    RW/DH        9/0                        £400.00    
Bideford Bay Creatives            AI/DH        7 1 1    PP/DBr £2,000                £1,000.00    
Bideford Bike Show            DH/PP        9 0                        £2,000.00    
Bideford Buzz                PP/DB        9 0                        £2,000.00    
Bideford Carnival Committee        AI/DB        9 0                        £1,000.00    
Bideford Christmas Committee        DM/AI        8 1    PP/Dbu £13,000                £10,000.00    Committee asked to carry out more fundraising in future.
Bideford & Dist. Ang Coarse Sect                £0.00    Application not considered as no accounts were included.
Bideford & Dist Ang Social Club                £0.00    Application not considered as no accounts were included.
Bideford & Dist. Comm Archive        SI/DBr        9 0                        £1,550.00    
Bideford Film Society            PP/RW        9 0                        £1,000.00    
Bideford Ladies Club            DH/PP        9 0                         £300.00    
Bideford, Lit'ham & W Ho! CC Colts    SI/PP        5 3 1    AI/DH £500                £1,500.00    
Bideford Massed Pipes and Drums        PP/DH        5 4 0    DBr/DM £2,000                £3,000.00    
Bideford Methodist Church        DH/DM        7 2     PP/DBu £1,000                £3,000.00    
Bideford Music Club            AI/RW        7 1 1    PP/DBu £400                £500.00    
Bideford Phoenix Morris Club        PP/DH        9 0                        £300.00    
Bideford Rugby Football Club        DH/DN        6 3    AI/RW £5,000                £2,500.00    
Bidfrd Street Pastors & School Pastors    PP/AI        6 0 3    DH/RW £1,500                £1,000.00    
Bideford Town Band            PP/DBr        6 3    AI/DM £3,000                £5,000.00    
Bideford Youth Pipe Band        PP/AI        9 0                        £2,500.00    
Care for Kids North Devon        PP/DBu        8 0 1                        £500.00    
Ethelwynne Brown Art Club        DBr/DH        9/0                        £250.00    
Families in Grief            DBr/AI        9 0    PP/DBu £600                £1,000.00    
Friends of Bideford Medical Centre    SI/DH        7 2    DBu/DM £50    £703.80    
Grow@ Jigsaw                Dbu/DH        8 0 1                        £1,000.00
Home-Start Torr & N Devon         PP/RW          9 0                         £1,000.00    
Ilf & Dist. Comm Transp Assoc        DM/DH        7 1 0                        £0.00    
Kenwith Company of Archers        DBr/Dbu        5 3 1    DH/DM £0                £1,000.00    
Kingsley Indoor Bowling Club        DH/DM        9/0                        £0.00    
Kingsley School Judo Club        DH/AI        5 4 0    PP/DBu £1,500                £2,000.00    
Lavington Utd Reformed Ch        TI/DH        6 3 0    PP/DBu £1,000                £2,000.00    
Living Options Devon            DH/AI        9 0                        £0.00    
Northam Choral Society            PP/Dbu        9 0                        £500.00    
N Devon Forum for Autism        PP/DH        9 0                        £1,200.00    
N Devon Display Gym Club        AI/DM        5 4    DH/DBu £2000                £1,000.00    
Parkinson's Uk Torr Branch        PP/Dbu        9 0                        £500.00    
Port of Bid Regatta Cttee        DBr/AI        9 0                        £1,500.00    
Rainbo Music Trust            DBu/AI        8 0 1                        £1,000.00    
St Mary's Church Bideford         PP/AI        9 0                        £1,000.00    
SS Freshspring Society            PP/PC        9 0                        £1,000.00    
 Tarka Child Contact Centre         RW/AI        6 3    PP/DBr £1,500                £2,000.00    
Tarka Pipe Band                DBr/DM        7 2    Dbu/SI £1,500                £1,500.00    
Torridge Dist Guides Assoc        DH/DBu        9 0                        £400.00    
Torridge Male Voice Choir        SI/DBu        9 0                         £1,000.00     
Torridge N'bourhood Watch        PP/Dbu        9 0                        £75.00    
TTVS                    PP/SI        8 1                         £4,000.00     
TOTAL:                 £74,678.80     
Proposed by Councillor Howell, seconded and

RECOMMENDED: That the grant allocation totalling £74,678.80 is agreed by Full Council.

(Vote: For: 9, Against: 0)

The business of the meeting having been completed, the Chairman thanked the members for their attendance and the meeting concluded at   7.54  pm.




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