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Planning Committee Meeting Minutes 27 April 2016

Written by Lesley Dixon-Chatfield. Posted in Planning Committee Minutes

Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held in the Town Hall, Town Hall, Bideford on Wednesday 27 April 2016 at  6.00pm


North Ward:   
Councillor P Christie
Councillor P Pester (Town Mayor)
Councillor D Bushby
South Ward:
Councillor R Wootton

South Ward (Outer):

Councillor D Howell

East Ward:   
Councillor M Langmead
IN ATTENDANCE:    Mrs Lesley Dixon-Chatfield, Assistant to the Town Clerk

None received.

No declarations of interest received at this point.                   


No members of the public were present.
103.   MINUTES

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 6 April 2016 were approved and signed as a correct record.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0, Abstentions: 1)

a.     Application No: 1/0258/2016/FUL: Proposed two storey side extension. 27 Lane Field Road.  Applicant: Mr S Corbett (same address). Agent: None supplied. (Date received: 07 Apr 16).

Proposed by Councillor Wootton, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the application is approved

(Vote – For: 6, Against: 0)

b.     Application No: 1/0324/2016/FUL: Retention of raised deck.  3 Grange Bungalow, Grange Road. Applicant: Mr B Littlejohns (same address). Agent: CWS Property Services, Barnstaple. (Date received: 11 Apr 16).

Proposed by Councillor Howell, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the application is approved in principal on the proviso that there are no neighbour complaints

 (Vote – For: 6, Against: 0)

c.     Application No: 1/0357/2016/FUL: Erection of new office building.  TTS House, Gammaton Road, Bideford.  Applicant: Mr J Morris,, 5 The Quay. Agent: NPAS Devon Ltd, Barnstaple. (Date received:  13 Apr 2016).

Proposed by Councillor Howell, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the application is approved

(Vote – For: 6, Against: 0)
d.     Application No: 1/0330/2016/DIS: Discharge of condition 3 of application 1/1045/2015/FUL. 65 Meddon Street. Applicant: Mr P Heuze (same address). Agent: Wilson Architecture & Planning, Bideford. (Date received:  19 Apr 16).
Proposed by Councillor Christie, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the application is refused as members unanimously agreed that an archaeological survey is needed on this historic site.

(Vote – For: 6, Against: 0)


e.     Application No: 1/0332/2016/FUL: Rear extension with balcony over and Juliet balcony in dormer (Part retrospective). 7 Torridge Place, Torrington Street. Applicant:  Ms James (same address). Agent: Architectural Services, Crediton. (Date received: 20 Apr 2016).

Proposed by Councillor Langmead, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the application is approved

(Vote – For: 6, Against: 0)

f.     Application No: 1/0360/2016/ADV: 1 totem sign. Blights Motors, Clovelly Road. Applicant: Mrs S Kent, MG Motor Group UK Limited, Main Gate, Lowhill Lane, Longbridge, Birmingham B31 2BQ. Agent: ASG (Essex Ltd), Basildon, Essex. (Date received: 20 Apr 2016).

Proposed by Councillor Christie, seconded and

RESOLVED:  Members agreed to reiterate their previous decision - that the application is refused on the grounds that the totem sign is too tall and needs to be repositioned nearer to the garage away from the pavement.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 1, Abstentions: 0)

Suggestions for naming the development on the Infirmary/Maternity Hospital site in Meddon Street had been put forth by the developers and rejected, as had suggestions by Bideford Town Council Planning Committee, by the developer.
In order to resolve the subject the Clerk had contacted historical author, Liz Shakespeare, to help with a name as she had researched for a novel this particular site.  She came forward with Ackland, after Dr. Ackland who had
been instrumental in setting up the original Infirmary.
Dr Ackland was also a close friend of the author Charles Kingsley, and the family has been involved with the Burton Art Gallery and Museum.
Members felt that the name Ackland would give the local distinctiveness needed for the site.

Proposed by Councillor Christie, seconded and

RESOLVED: That members suggested the site be called Ackland Close

(Vote – For: 6, Against: 0)

Members noted the decisions received from Torridge District Council since the last
Meeting and discussed further the Heywood Road proposed development.  They
particularly noted the decision by the Authority to approve the road layout application
for Belvoir Road –1/0918/2015/FUL (related application 1/0016/2013/FUL)
The business of the Meeting having been completed, the Chairman thanked the Members for their attendance and the Meeting concluded at  6.45pm.







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