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Planning Committee 27 June 2012

Written by Heather Blackburn. Posted in Planning Committee Minutes

Planning Committee 27 June 2012

Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting

held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Bideford on

Wednesday 27 June 2012 at 6.00 pm

North Ward:
Councillor Mrs Brenton
Councillor P S Christie (Chairman)
Councillor D C Fulford

South Ward:
Councillor P Pester
Councillor R I Wootton

East Ward:
Councillor M C Langmead

Mrs Claire Scott (Assistant to the Town Clerk)
3 x Members of the public



Councillor Langmead declared that as both a Town and District Councillor that he will reconsider the applications at District level, taking into account all relevant evidence.


One member of the public spoke on agenda item 7.a. concerned that there would be increased traffic and potential damage of hedge banks by heavy agricultural machinery needed to transport the slurry from the cattle shed.


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 30 May 2012 were approved and signed as a correct record.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0 Abstention : 1)


Mr Richard Ayre, Strategic Land and Planning Director at Linden South, and Mr Peter Stacey, of Turley Associates, presented the councillors with details of an initial proposal concerning land south west of Atlantic Village, extending to Abbotsham Cross roundabout.  The site is about 80 acres, self-contained, where bus routes can be extended and the Atlantic Highway used for access. They wanted early stage feedback and were aware of other developments in the area.

Mr Stacey explained Turley Associates are town planners and building designers based in Bristol.  He wished to examine both issues and opportunities at this stage as the area around Atlantic Village is likely to be developed.  Mr Ayre confirmed the land was potentially ear-marked for development and that they would be consulting with local councils.  The Chairman then asked the Councillors to put their points and questions to the speakers.

Councillor Fulford asked what the total number of houses would be, if there would be affordable housing, whether a 106 agreement would be included and what community facilities were planned. He also suggested that water run off might affect a nearby reservoir. Mr Ayre replied that approximately 500 houses with some affordable were proposed, that a 106 agreement would be considered and that water would have to be attenuated. Mr Stacey explained that an area of this size has potential for open spaces, perhaps something that joined Atlantic Village to ensure growth.

Councillor Mrs Brenton asked if an environmental study had been undertaken, if water run off had been considered, how loss of a wooded natural area would be minimised and was also concerned about high density housing. Mr Ayre replied that initial studies had been done and they would seek to retain most hedges. Mr Stacey stated they would consult with agencies to meet requirements and balance environmental concerns with the development. He envisaged decent gardens, adequate parking and areas of open space. Developing not much more than half the total area.

Councillor Pester asked if the start of a possible road link right through the site towards East the Water could be incorporated at this stage with a view to later development of another bridge and growth of the town. Mr Stacey replied that this might be possible.

Councillor Langmead asked if Highways had seen the plan and was told it had been agreed in principle.

Councillor Wootton asked if the latest broadband, fibre optic cables and renewables like solar panels would be incorporated into the design as well as trees. Mr Stacey said it was important to keep trees in the landscape and that they would ‘future-proof’ the development with service strips on grass verges for easy adaptation but that building with good insulation would be more efficient than photovoltaic panels.

The Chairman highlighted that with the Moreton Park development there would be 800 new houses in total and queried if there would be a public consultation. Mr Stacey explained that this development would be over a period of perhaps twenty years and would fit with the national frame work regarding sustainability. He concluded by explaining no planning application was prepared but they would be engaging with councils and return to Bideford Town Council in 2 or 3 months’ time; so no consultation was yet planned.  The Chairman thanked Mr Ayre and Mr Stacey for attending the meeting.


a.Application No 1/0419/2012/AGR:  Erection of an agricultural building for calf rearing.  Ashridge Farm, Littleham, Bideford EX39 5HX. – Applicant: Mr Charles Withecombe (same address).  Agent:  None recorded.  (Date received:  1 June 12)
Proposed by Councillor Langmead, seconded and
RESOLVED: That the application is approved but the Committee would   wish to query the height of the building.

(Vote – For: 6, Against: 0)

b.Application No 1/0398/2012/FUL:  Removal of existing garage for two storey extension to south and east elevation.  Ridgeway House, Slade, Bideford EX39 3LZ – Applicant: Mr R Jenkins (same address).  Agent: Philip Hinton.  (Date received:  1 June 12)

Proposed by Councillor Pester, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the application is approved

(Vote – For: 6, Against: 0)

c.Application No 1/0426/2012/FUL:  Proposed demolition of existing extensions and rebuilding including extension at first floor level (part retrospective).  Kharma, Heywood Road, Bideford EX39 3PQ – Applicant: Mr G Jones (same address).  Agent:  Mr D Gill.  (Date received:  1 June 12)

RESOLVED: That the application is not in our area so cannot be decided here - to be sent to Northam Town Council.

d.Application No 1/0360/2012/FUL:  Extensions and alterations plus re-roofing and siting of new oil tank.   Littlecroft, Bideford EX39 5HD. – Applicant: Mr Robin Kirk (same address).  Agent:  Clive Jones Architect Ltd.  (Date received:  1 June 12)

Proposed by Councillor  Fulford, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the application is approved, but the Committee wished to make the following points:
•from the plans supplied it seems a house of substantial character that is being changed
•It does appear to be an Arts and Crafts building. Can the Planning Officer check this prior to final decision?

(Vote – For: 6 , Against:  0)

e.Application No 1/0392/2012/FUL:  Demolish existing garage and construct a two storey side extension.  13 Monks Close, Bideford EX39 4DN – Applicant: Mr T Leech (same address).  Agent:  Mr Daniel Brown.  (Date received: 6 June 12)

Proposed by Council Pester , seconded and

RESOLVED: That the application is approved.
(Vote – For: 6, Against: 0)

f.Application No 1/0388/2012/FUL:  Erection of first floor extension.  Bideford Fire Station, Old Town, Bideford, EX39 3BH.  – Applicant: D & SFRS, Service Headquarters, The Knowle, Clyst St. George, Exeter EX3 0NW.  Agent:  Estates Department D & SFRS.  (Date received: 7 June 12)

Proposed by Councillor Mrs Brenton, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the application is approved.

(Vote – For: 6 , Against: 0)

g.Application No 1/0472/2012/FUL:  Installation of wood burning heater and associated flue.  Detailstore Ltd, Unit 1, Trading Centre, Honestone Street, Bideford EX39 2DJ.  Applicant: Mr Simon Johnson, (same address).  Agent:  George S Wilson Associates, Thorn Lea Horns Cross, Bideford EX39 5DJ.  (Date received:  18 June 12)

Proposed by Councillor Fulford, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the application is approved.

(Vote – For: 6, Against: 0)

Councillor Christie left the meeting and Councillor Pester took the chair.

h.Application No 1/0428/2012/FUL:  Replacement single storey extension.  1 Middleton Road, Bideford EX39 3LU.  Applicant: Mr Kevin Parfitt (same address).  Agent:  None recorded.  (Date received: 18 June 12)

Proposed by Councillor Langmead, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the application is approved.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)


The Committee noted the content of those Planning Applications which had been granted/refused and the naming of 3 houses near Coronation Road as Landolfi Close by Planning Authorities since the last meeting.

The business of the Meeting having been completed, the Chairman thanked the Members for their attendance and the Meeting concluded at 19.05pm.

Signature of Town Mayor: ……………………………….     Date: …………………............

Signature of Chairman: ………………………………….    Date: ……………………………


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