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Minutes of the Market Management Committee Meeting held in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall, Bideford, on Thursday 16 January 2020 at 6.30 pm


East Ward

Councillor J Craigie
Councillor Mrs L Hellyer
Councillor J McKenzie (Chairman)

West Ward

Councillor Mrs K Corfe
Councillor C J Hawkins

Market Hall

Mrs G Morgan
Mr B Sidwell

Butchers Row

Miss K la Fontaine


Mr R Coombes (Deputy Town Clerk)
Mr A Curtis (Maintenance Supervisor)
Mr Gurler (Market Officer)
1 x Tenant
1 X Trader


Councillor B Wootton (South Ward – illness).


There were no declarations of interest.


There was no public participation.

99.      MINUTES

Ms la Fontaine explained that the Minutes had been interpreted by some to suggest that she was responsible for aspects of the decision making and that she had been harangued, without foundation.

Councillor Mrs Corfe also indicated that attributed comments relating to the Community Fridge did not fully explain her argument.

Mrs Morgan explained that where she had been reported, confirming that, “winter mid-week trading could be “terrible”, it had not been recorded that she had said, “in the summer mid-week trading offered the best footfall.”

The Chairman confirmed that the Minutes would be corrected.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 5 December 2019 were approved and signed as a correct record.

(Vote – For: 3, Against: 0, Abstention: 2)


The Deputy Town Clerk advised:

a.      The Torridge Artists will trade on Saturday 22 February 2020. They have confirmed sixteen tables but would like more. There will also be an exhibition of paintings.

Mrs Cornish has confirmed that the proceeds raised from the event will be donated to the Australian Animal Rescue on this one occasion.

Mrs Dendle should like to run a tombola stall on the day to help contribute funds to the cause (Members indicated agreement).

Mr Curtis indicated that a number of the stalls had been adapted, height reduced and canopies removed, resulting in an increased trader capacity.

b.      One of our tenants has suggested that a car boot event be held in the Market, perhaps monthly; an indoor opportunity would be popular especially in the face of the weather. They felt that it would introduce people to the Market that would not normally attend. (Members indicated a reluctance).

c.      There will be a temporary prohibition of parking outside the Market Place Shops from Friday 24 January to Sunday 2 February 2020. It is a DCC temporary restriction to enable the installation of 45m of 2 poly ducts in footway.

The Chairman invited Councillor Mrs Hellyer to speak:

d.      Councillor Mrs Hellyer advised that a DCC Highway’s Contractor, weather / season permitting would attend to the area on the south side of the Market Hall entrance where the trees would be “pollarded” (a pruning system involving the removal of the upper branches of trees). She would liaise with the Sustainability Group in a bid to further manage / enhance.

101.     ACCOUNTS

The Clerk explained that the “white boards” had been purchased as means of informing where the Market Officer was i.e. off site, Butcher’s Row, Town Hall, lunch etc. and also to list the Traders expected to trade, and trading, on the next trading day.

It was proposed by Councillor Mackenzie, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the list of payments be approved.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)


The Chairman believed that there was support for the initiative.

Councillor Mrs Hellyer did not agree and reiterated her belief that the Market was not the appropriate site.

Councillor Mrs Corfe believed that the Market was quite accessible, central, under cover, not busy, the initiative sought to reduce food waste, would not entice minority groups; the service was available for everyone and would promote sustainability.

Mr Sidwell indicated that the corner adjacent to Studio Unit 8 had appeared favourable to the Project leader and Councillor Bushby.

Concerns were raised about monitoring / managing the facility with further discussion on the membership of the group behind the “Bideford Community Fridge”; Members had previously received the constitution, minutes of a meeting, regulations and responsibilities for them.


Proposed by Councillor Mackenzie, seconded and

RESOLVED: That Standing Orders are suspended in order to allow Ms Davies to address the Meeting.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)

Ms Davies spoke on the suitability of the corner position believing to impact on the work of the soon to be new tenant. Further discussion ensued that included the monitoring with twice daily checks by volunteers.

Councillor Mrs Corfe suggested that a three-month trial should be offered; she believed that the Council should support the initiative – it would provide access to decent food.

It was proposed by Councillor Mrs Corfe, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the Bideford Community Fridge Group may operate their fridge from the Market Hall on a three-month trial. An agreement will be signed; the operation must be covered by Public Liability Insurance.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)

The Chairman indicated that the Committee should be provided with updates from the Group (every other Meeting).


Proposed by Councillor Craigie, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the Meeting return to Standing Orders.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)


a.      New Trader conditions / application. Members had previously received draft copies of the new Traders’ Conditions / Application to trade.

Members cited paragraph, exclusive right of the Market Hall café to sell tea and coffee, believing that it was a restrictive practice, did not happen elsewhere and that it prevented others offering specialist teas / coffees; they agreed that the concession should be removed.

Further discussion covered discipline and procedures. It was important to have good practices in place for the Market to trade on a good reputation. Consistency was important; where there is a concern / issue there should be an immediate response. Support should be provided to the aggrieved.

Mr Sidwell indicated that there was a chain of reporting, through the Market Officer, Market Administrator and further Committee / Council engagement - a recent example was cited.

The Clerk highlighted the opening hours and need to allow time for traders to set up and breakdown their stalls. He spoke of the flexibility of the Market Officer, who in the past had opened the Hall earlier to help new traders establish themselves and the need for him to work later, on trading days, to accommodate the new schedule.

The Chairman confirmed that on approval of the application / conditions that there would be advertisements posted in the media inviting new traders to join the Market. He spoke of a recent market visit where there was a vibrancy and atmosphere, an urgency, where traders engaged with the visitor.

Proposed by Councillor Mrs Hellyer, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the new application and conditions are introduced whilst the restrictive exclusive coffee /concession enjoyed by the Market Hall Café is removed.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)

b.      New applicant panel. The Clerk advised that a Members’ panel should consider new trader applications for the Market, believing that the responsibility for acceptance and refusal should not be based on one person’s decision. The process would shape the Market for the future.

The Chairman suggested that the Chairman, Development Officer (once engaged) and the Clerk should be the basis of the Panel. He did not believe that it would be appropriate for a Committee trader / tenant to be included.

Councillors J Craigie and Mrs Hellyer agreed to fill the role (alternately) until the Development Officer was in post.

The Clerk would forward those applications for consideration to the Committee, also.

Proposed by Councillor McKenzie, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the New Applicant Panel would comprise:
• The Chairman
• The Development Officer
• The Deputy Town Clerk
• Councillors J Craigie / Mrs Hellyer (until the Development Officer is appointed).

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)


Mr Sidwell sought to establish the impact upon Market Shop 28, should the Market trading be reduced to Tuesdays and Saturdays. Would it be treated on the same terms as the Studio Units?

The Clerk indicated that the Shop had always been governed by the same regulations as the Market Hall traders. The current discipline did not follow the work / shop ethos that was the original drive behind the Studio Units. He could not envisage the Shop being open and touting for business when there were no stalls in the Market.

The Clerk stressed the importance of making it clear from the outset that there would be no opportunity for storage; items would need to be removed at cease trading.

He suggested that the Studio Units would have to work with the Council: where events / specialist markets operated during the intervening days, where their discipline did not sit with hirer, their stalls would need to be removed.

Councillor J Craigie believed that where there are no stalls trading in the Market, the Tenants should not have the opportunity.

Councillor Mrs Corfe agreed. She indicated that there needs to be consistency. She believed that it was simple: The Studio Tenants enjoy the stall concession in line with the formal (stall) trading in the Hall i.e. Tuesdays and Saturdays. They too will need to breakdown their stalls at cease of trading on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Councillor J Craigie concurred; Members were in agreement.

Mr Sidwell raised further questions on Shop 28. The Chairman invited Mr Sidwell to write to the Committee in order for any considered decisions to be made.

Proposed by Councillor Mrs Hellyer, seconded and

RESOLVED: That Market Hall trading returns to Tuesdays and Saturdays.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)

The Chairman indicated that the Studio Unit stall trading, in line with the Market Hall trading would be resolved at the Meeting to be held on 27 February 2020.


Members whilst discussing the re-naming of Butcher’s Row expressed a desire for some form of historical narrative.

Proposed by Councillor Mrs Hellyer and

RESOLVED: That Butcher’s Row is re-named Old Butcher’s Row.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)

106.      VE DAY COMMEMORATION – 8 MAY 2020

Members had been advised, at the Meeting of the Committee on 24 October 2019, that the Council had agreed to join the National Celebration, on Friday 8 May 2020, to commemorate 75 years since VE Day with a Street Party style afternoon with music, food and dancing at the Pannier Market.

Councillor Mrs Corfe confirmed that the Event would be free, but ticket allocated (both she and Councillor Hawkins are members of the Tourism Committee).

Members were content for the Market to host the Event and the Tourism Committee to organise the day.

Proposed by Councillor Mrs Hellyer, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the Market Hall hosts a VE Day Commemorative Event, organised by the Tourism Committee, on Friday 8 May 2020.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)


a.      Update. Members lauded the fantastic and dynamic new doors, declaring happiness with their impact

The Clerk advised that Building Regulation had found that the north doors fell short of 1.5m, providing, therefore, for a maximum of 330 people capacity.

Having liaised with the Architect, Maintenance Supervisor and Dormakaba, it was felt that an adjustment of 0.45mm could be made to provide for a capacity of 440 people, the figure originally believed achievable at the Planning stage.

An engineer is expected week commencing 20 January 2020.

(Councillor Mrs Hellyer left the Meeting.)

b.      Dormakaba Maintenance Contract quotation offer.

Members had previously had sight of the quotations.

The Maintenance Supervisor believed that the Council should commit to one planned preventative maintenance visit per year.

Proposed by Councillor McKenzie and

RESOLVED: That the Council engage with Dormakaba on a one planned preventative service / maintenance commencing 30 November 2020 at a cost of £304 per annum.


In response to questioning on the engagement of a Development Officer the Clerk explained the protocols and process behind the agreement to fill the role, for fifteen hours, combined with fulfilling a Project Officer commitment for the Council, culminating in approval of the Budget at the Meeting of the Council to be held on 23 January 2020.

It was highlighted that that the Market generally would need to be advertised and new traders / tenants recruited.

109.      WI-FI UPDATE

Councillor Hawkins had further consultation with BT, looking at the secure and public options. The item remained a “work in progress”. He should like to defer any decision making awaiting the input of the Development Officer.

Councillor J Craigie would provide price options for the next meeting.


Proposed by Councillor McKenzie, seconded and

RESOLVED: That in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be discussed, it is advisable, in the public interest, that the public be excluded for the remainder of the meeting; the tenants / traders were instructed to withdraw.

(Vote – For: 4, Against: 0)




The Chairman, having established that there was no further business to discuss, thanked the Members for their attendance and concluded the Meeting at 8.30 pm.


Draft Pannier Market Accounts for approval at the Market Management Committee Meeting on 16 January 2020

Pannier Market Accounts Market Management Committe Meeting160120



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