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Minutes of the Market Management Committee Meeting held in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall, Bideford, on Thursday 12 September 2019 at 6.30 pm


East Ward

Councillor J Craigie
Councillor J McKenzie (Chairman)

South Ward

Councillor B Wootton

West Ward

Councillor Mrs K Corfe
Councillor C J Hawkins

Market Hall

Mrs G Morgan
Mr B Sidwell

Butchers Row Miss K la Fontaine


Mr R Coombes (Deputy Town Clerk)
Mrs H Persson (Development Officer)


Councillor Mrs L Hellyer (East Ward – personal).


There were no declarations of interest.


A Market Tenant stated his disappointment that there been no advertising for the new shop (27, Market Place). They felt that it was a rare opportunity when a (Market Place) Shop became available; opportunity should be taken to maximise the opportunity.

The Market Tenant believed that the Development Officer should advertise the Market opportunities. They also favoured a further six week delay to the decision making process.

The Chairman agreed that the points would be taken on board.

53.      MINUTES

Item. 44. Free Market Wi-Fi. Miss la Fontaine indicated that the final sentence of the item attributed to her was not what she intended and should be removed.

The Chairman agreed to redact the offending sentence.

Item. 45. Miss la Fontaine requested that the Clerk take the opportunity, following the Meeting, to explain why Butcher’s Row tenants have not enjoyed a rent benefit in relation to that enjoyed by the Market Hall and the Studio Unit tenants, in particular, in the New Year.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 1 August 2019 were approved and signed as a correct record.

(Vote – For: 4, Against: 0, Abstention: 1)

54.      ACCOUNTS

Councillor Hawkins confirmed the monthly Vodafone contract price. Advising that he had previously spoken to both the Town Clerk and the Deputy he re-iterated his concern that although the Market Management Committee had resolved that Chairman and Clerk had the authority to purchase equipment for the Development Officer he was not comfortable that an on-going service had been purchased. He was also uncomfortable about how, he believed, the Wi-Fi item had sat alongside the internet provision made available to the Development Officer.

Discussion ensued, re-visiting the item, where upon the Committee indicated a desire for a single item Meeting be called prior to the next Meeting scheduled for 24 October 2019. The

It was proposed by Councillor McKenzie, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the list of payments be approved.

(Vote – For: 4, Against: 0, Abstention: 1)


There was no report.


Members noted that the Kenwith Company of Archers would commence their twice weekly winter season residency on Tuesday 24 September 2019; it was expected to run until mid-April 2020.


Mrs Persson introduced herself and gave her presentation that included:

• A new logo, giving a branding identity that can be used on all promotional material including posters, leaflets advertising and social media.
• Changes to the Hall layout:
o A free activity / garden scene appealing to younger families where games such as Giant Chess, Jenga, and Connect 4 will be available; a photo booth (with props), colouring pads and other toys also. This would, though be unsupervised, signs will be displayed advising this – parents are to look after their children.
o The pitch / area surrounding the book sellers would be given a make over with dedicated shelving and more comfortable seating opportunities.
• The introduction of additional fixtures and fittings, to include a decorative bath, will enhance the visitors’ experience with a view to benefiting everyone.
• A collaboration with the Café where the purchase of a “kid’s meal” would give entry to a themed treasure hunt that would take the participants around the Market / stalls. The Café tenant would provide sweets; crafters will be approached to provide “hidden” items. The Market generally will be engaged, and the hunt will provide parents with time to shop.
• Painting of the Studio Units in pastel colours to bring them more fully into the Hall and also the benches surrounding the activity area which would provide a “fun, colourful modern vibe.” Painting the inside of the Units white would modernise them and make them more inviting.
• Market Stalls. The red and white is very overpowering and the canopies block out a lot of natural light. Consider taking some roofs off (for those of you who do not need them) and covering the red and white with the matching colour scheme of the studios. Mrs Persson would like help on how this could be achieved.
• Signage in the Town – “A Board” pavement signs. Mrs Persson indicated that five signs located through the Town including Victoria Park, the Quay, Mill, High and Allhalland Streets would provide impact. The logistics of storage, putting them out and returning would be investigated; a possibility of sharing with local businesses could be an option. She had sources costs, including posters, of between £444.66 and £555.60.
• Market Place Shops.
o Advertise the shops within the Hall and Butcher’s Row so visitors are aware.
o Lockable cabinet displaying goods from the shops enticing customers to visit the whole site.
o The bus currently takes the route where it does not pass the front of the Pannier Market so visitors do not see the shops – Mr Sidwell will effect change.
o When future shops, units, studios become available – Mrs Persson will advertise on social media and posters around the site so everyone is given the opportunity to apply.
• Butcher’s Row.
o Music: the PPLPRS licence for the Market Hall does include the Butcher’s Row thoroughfare – will investigate piping Market Hall system into the thoroughfare.
o Change the name to Old Butchers’ Row – quote for lettering.
o History boards at the entrances.
o Wicker baskets filled with artificial flowers.
o Christmas decorations, for the Complex – working with some traders.
o Consideration on installing Topiary hanging balls.
• New Traders.
o Currently a “chicken and egg” situation. Mrs Persson indicated the introduction, as a temporary measure to encourage new traders, instead of offering two months for the price of one (payment upfront), offering a trial month for free.
o Experience has proved that it would be difficult to commit to everyday as a stall holder; a temporary fix could offer our permanent traders (needs to be a minimum everyday) to man any new (traders’) stalls and after the trial receive a percentage - this would enable Mrs Persson to fill the stalls with quality goods; she indicated that she already had one contact interested. Once it gets busier a co-operative idea where the new traders all share in turn manning the stalls could be investigated. She noted that in an ideal world we need each stall with a trader, however, at this stage she believed that it was more important to fill the empty stalls and, once things improve, review.
o Traders to wear lanyards so the customers can easily identify who is a trader and, therefore, make sure no sales are lost.
o Sharing stalls at other markets, for example three different items on a stall, one trader looks after Bideford, the other Barnstaple and the other South Molten; an opportunity to work with other markets rather than against.
 Potential to offer the Studio Units as a co–operative opportunity, given that Units one and two remain available. She indicated the opportunity to target food/deli/biscuits/marmalades/jams/olives etc. companies and each business has a section of the studio which they share the running of.
• Events – Use of the Market Hall.
o Private events – an opportunity to increase revenue – Development Officer to advertise space.
o Will advertise the space adjacent to the north entrance in the week for private hire e.g. yoga, fitness classes etc. The area needs to be emptied and available throughout the week, this could bring in a weekly revenue.
o This area should also be used in the future on Saturdays for themed events potentially to start with the first Saturday of the month a farmers’ market, following with Antiques and collectables.
o The Hall will be advertised for private hire/special events on Sundays and Mondays, therefore, the traders only have to pack down once a week on a Saturday. Hopefully a win, win for everyone. She provided a price indicator from Northam Hall:
 Summer (May-Sept incl)
Hourly £8.50
Block of 4 hours £32
Block of 8 Hours £60.00
 Winter (Oct – April incl)
Hourly £12.50
Block of 4 hours £47.50
Block of 8 hours £92
• Social Media.
o Set up Instagram/Linked In/Buffer account.
o Social Media calendar and schedule in posts.
o Distribute between Butchers Row, Market Hall, Market Place Shops, Events, News etc.
o Development Officer to control this page so it remains consistent; quality is better than quantity.
o Market Hall have their own page that the traders can continue to post on to and their own private accounts.
o Butchers Row workshops – Ms Hurford will continue to run.
• Future Planned Events.
o Wikked week: 22 -26 October 2019.
 Pumpkin carving available on Tuesday & Wednesday (supermarkets to be contacted for donations).
 Stilts and face painting, Tuesday and Saturday to be confirmed.
 Acorn/Wildflower activity – Councillor Craigie to discuss further; donations to Tree Aid.
 Treasure hunt – already in place with café kids’ menu.
 Paper bunting – possible paper bunting ghost workshop.
 Themed props for the photo booth and themed colouring (plus the already in place activity area).
 Design flyers – potential collaboration with Businesses of Bideford (BOBB) in combining artwork, printing and distribution opportunities / network.
 A1 poster for the signage board in the Town.
 Two large banners (outside Morrisons and along the Quay) permission required.
 Social media push on all platforms.
 Press release for local press.
• Late Night Shopping – Tuesday 3 December 2019.
o Organise a Christmas craft fair.
o Everyone on site needs to be open.
o Invite new traders – urgent.
o Use our food outlets and offer hot dogs, burgers, mulled wine etc.
o Santa’s grotto – use studio one.
o Window Competition.
o School choirs.
o Mrs Persson indicated that this needs to be advertised ASAP.
o NYE – Magical Moments family event; the Café will be open.
• Future Event ideas to consider and investigate.
o Cheese and Wine.
o Food and drink.
o Roller Disco.
o Indoor Cinema.
o Beer Festival.
o Bands.
o Private events & events organised by Mrs Persson.
o Complete an events calendar and plan ahead/work with BOBB.
o Valentines and Easter.

Councillor Mrs Corfe stated that she was “blown away” and very excited by the presentation and the future for the Market Complex. Her only words of caution related to environmental impact with the use of balloons and rubbish / litter generated during events.

Mr Sidwell confirmed that he would arrange for the Shuttle Bus route to be amended.

Mrs Morgan congratulated Mrs Persson on the excellent presentation. She did note that the canopies, for the stalls, did provide protection and gave the feeling of a shop. She wondered whether other coloured canopies could be introduced.

Mr Sidwell suggested that there could be a mix of trellis tables and stalls.

Miss la Fontaine affirmed that it was a wonderful presentation.

The Chairman led the Members in fully endorsing and supporting the Development Officer’s vision and strategy for the future.


The Clerk reiterated the Committee’s agreed budget commitment to the Development Officer project, noting that with the increase in revenue there would be opportunity for further funding.

The Chairman indicated that with only requiring recourse to the Clerk / Chairman there would not be delays in decision making / purchasing.

Councillor Hawkins wondered about the perception of public money being used to support private business.

Mrs Persson noted that the book sellers and beauty / skin product trader would be benefiting from specific Council introduced fixtures and fittings but believed the overall effect would enhance the Market shopping experience. Other features could be developed in the future.

Discussion followed that included the joint work with the Café albeit those hunting participants would be exploring the Market Complex, with families in tow. Councillor Mrs Corfe while indicating that there might be those who could find fault it was important to move the Market forward and grasp the opportunity, that will see all benefitting.

Proposed by Councillor Craigie, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the Market Administrator and Chairman authorise the Development Officer’s payments with the exception of any on going service provision which will be referred to the Committee.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)


a.        Members considered opening the Market Hall for trading on Sunday 1 December 2019, Christmas Lights Switch On. Mrs Persson had indicated a preference for committing to one Event rather than two, believing that there would be more benefit from trading later for the Late-Night Shopping Event than opening during the Christmas Lights Switch On.

Proposed by Councillor Wootton, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the Market would not open for trade during the Christmas Lights Switch On, as had been the custom in recent years.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)

b.        Members reflected on extending the trading day on Tuesday, 3 December 2019 linking with the Bideford Late Night Shopping Events.

It was proposed by Councillor Wootton, seconded and

RESOLVED: That the Market Hall would be open for trading until 8.00 pm on Tuesday, 3 December 2019.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)


Mr Sidwell requested that Shuttle Bus funding and opening hours items are placed on the next agenda. The Clerk noted that the trading hours had been resolved upon at the April 2019 Meeting.

The Torridge Arts will be joining the Market on 5 October 2019 with sixteen to eighteen additional traders. He reiterated that the Morris Dancing festival will take place on 12 October 2019.

Miss la Fontaine noted that there were no flowers on the south side of the building and that the placement of the planters at the front, east side of the Market obscured one of the Market Place Shops (The Clerk invited the Tenant to E Mail the Council direct.).


Proposed by Councillor McKenzie, seconded and

RESOLVED: That in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be discussed, it is advisable, in the public interest, that the public be excluded for the remainder of the meeting; the tenants / traders were instructed to withdraw.

(Vote – For: 5, Against: 0)




The Chairman, having established that there was no further business to discuss, thanked the Members for their attendance and concluded the Meeting at 8.50 pm.


Draft Pannier Market Accounts for approval at the Market Management Committee Meeting on 12 September 2019


Market Management Committe draft accounts 120919

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