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Minutes of the Decarbonisation and Environment Committee Meeting held in the Council Chamber on Tuesday 11 January 2022 at 7.00 pm
East Ward:
Councillor J Craigie (Chairman)
Councillor J McKenzie
South Ward:
Councillor Mrs S Langford
IN ATTENDANCE: Mr R Coombes (Deputy Town Clerk)
No apologies were received.
There were no declarations of interest.
There were no members of the public present.
20.     MINUTES
The Minutes of the Meeting held on 18 November 2021 were approved and signed as a correct record.  
(Vote – For: 3, Against: 0)
Councillor McKenzie believed that reforestation was positive; the monies donated would be safe and similarly support rewilding initiatives.
Councillor Mrs Langford noted that not properly executed it would be a waste of resource.
The Chairman indicated respect for the organisation and believed it to be honestly represented.  The opportunity provided for many more trees for the pound and given the importance of trees as a carbon store, from a global perspective it does not matter where the trees are grown.  Following the COP 26 lead, reaching out across countries provides for working together in a global action to address a world problem. 
It was proposed by Councillor J Craigie, seconded by Councillor McKenzie, and
RECOMENDED: That £2,000 is donated to Eden Reforestation Projects ( to plant at least one tree, per resident of the parish.
Vote: (For: 3, Against: 0)
Members reflected on the decision by the Town Council not to support the recommendation to promote a local speed awareness campaign, “20’s Plenty.”  
It was noted that certain areas, including outside schools and some residential areas provided do for a 20 mph speed limit.
Members believed though that an opportunity to promote and inform responsible driving provided for fuel efficiency and safety.  Where environmentally friendly benefits could be promoted cost savings could similarly benefit the local economy.
It was proposed by Councillor J Craigie, seconded by Councillor McKenzie, and
RECOMENDED: That Councillors J Craigie and Herron work together on a plan to educate and promote responsible / fuel efficient driving for the next Committee Meeting.
Vote: (For: 3, Against: 0)
Members had received correspondence between the Operational Services Manager, TDC and a resident who was keen to “improve the current Waste and Environmental situation within East the Water and Bideford in general.”
The discussion concerned recycled waste that litters areas when exposed to the elements on and around collection days.
It was noted that the collection boxes do have holes that would provide for the attachment of covers to contain recycled items in the face of wind and rain.
The Chairman led discussion on the purchase of 500 recycling box covers, by the Town Council, agreed with Torridge District Council to be distributed to residents on the estates either side of Manteo Way neighbouring Tesco.  It would be on a trial basis to evaluate the reduction in windblown litter associated with recycling collection; consideration would have to be given to the crews.
Members agreed that a letter should be provided with the box cover explaining the trial to the recipients.  A copy would need to be given to the Operational Services Manager; cooperation from the crews would be fundamental.  
Should the trial result be unsuccessful a further letter would need to be distributed advising that the Cover initiative would not continue.
It was proposed by Councillor J Craigie, seconded by Councillor Mrs Langford, and
RECOMENDED: That 500 recycle box covers are purchased by the Council and distributed to residents on the estates either side of Manteo Way neighbouring Tesco along with a letter of explanation about the trial and desire to reduce windblown litter.  Arrangements are made for the resident leading the discussion / trial to engage in the distribution.  TDC Operations and crews are informed accordingly. 
Vote: (For: 3, Against: 0)
The Chairman thanked the Members for their attendance and support.  He concluded the Meeting at 7.34 pm.

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