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Town Council Meeting Agenda - 29 June 2017

You are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of Bideford Town Council to be held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Bideford, on Thursday 29 June 2017 at 6.30 pm for the purpose of transacting the following business.

In accordance with The Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 members of the public are welcome to attend.  There is a legal right to film/record/photograph/report public meetings.

Heather Blackburn
Clerk to the Council
1.   To accept apologies and reasons for absence.   
2.   To receive declarations of interest on items on the agenda and note the requests for dispensation received by the Clerk prior to the meeting.   
3.   Public participation session of 15 minutes duration on items submitted prior to the meeting by Bideford residents, which fall within the scope of the Council’s activities.   
4.   To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 11 May 2017 as a correct record.   
5.   Accounts - To approve the payments listed.   
6.   To receive the report from the Chamber of Commerce.   
7.   To receive the report from the County Councillor on issues within the parish.   
8.   To receive such communications as the Town Mayor / Town Clerk may wish to lay before the Council.   
9.   Market Management Committee –
    a.   to approve and adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 25th May 2017
    b.   to approve and adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 22nd June 2017
10.  Planning Committee –
    a.   to approve and adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 17th May  2017
    b.   to approve and adopt the minutes of the meeting held on  7th June 2017
    c.   to approve and adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 28th June 2017   
11.  Renewable Energy Committee - to approve and adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 27 June 2017 (All items are recommendations).
12.  Tourism Committee -     to approve and adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 30 May 2017 (All items are recommendations).
13.  Staffing, Finance & General Purposes Committee - to approve and adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 1 June 2017. (Minute No. 011 is a recommendation).
14.  To consider the contribution towards the resurfacing of Mill Street and Allhalland Street in the light of the information received from our Devon County Councillors following correspondence sent at the request of the SFGP Committee. The position of Bideford Town Council should also be clarified should the project run over cost.   
15.  Outside Body Representative:
To appoint a Trustee to replace Councillor Howell on the Bridge Trust.   
16.  To consider the request by the Twinning Association to hold the Landivisiau Reception on Saturday, 26 August 2017 at 10.30 a.m. and agree the location.   
17.  To consider an invitation from Lankreis Uelzen for the Mayor to visit Germany between 20 and 23 October to celebrate 50 years of friendship and to consider a 50th anniversary gift.
18.  (Notice of Motion  - Councillor J Day
“To consider the issue of parked vehicles impeding the bus route at Devonshire Park on occasion, and discuss appropriate action to be taken". Cllr J Day
19.  To receive the notes from the Town Centre Partnership meeting held on  31st May 2017.
20.  DALC Meeting – To receive an update from Councillor Brenton and consider any actions arising.   
21.  Torridge District Council – To receive an update on Torridge District Council activities by one of the Councillors.   
22.  To receive an update on Bridge Trust activities by one of the Trustees.   

Reverend Alan Glover, from St Mary’s Church will lead prayers in the Council Chamber at 6.20 pm prior to the start of the meeting.  Councillors are invited to participate if they so wish.


Agenda Item 14. Mill Street – Allhalland St

Email received 8 June:

Hi Heather,
Just to re confirm that the offer from DCC is £150,000- which is half of the total cost of the resurfacing.
Cllr Whittaker has confirmed to Cllr Hart at  DCC, that TDC will contribute £50,000.
If Bideford Town Council can contribute £100,000 the project can go ahead.
If the monies are not found, then I am informed that only maintenance work will be carried out in Mill Street.
Kind regards,
Councillor Linda Hellyer
Bideford East Division

Agenda Item 17.

German-English Partnership
Uelzen – North Devon; Uelzen – Barnstaple; Bad Bevensen – South Molton; Ebstorf – Bideford

Programme of Events

Friday 20 October    Arrival
Saturday 21 October    Hansestadt Uelzen
Morning    Reception at Uelzen
Afternoon    Tour of the town
Evening    Twinning meal
Sunday 22 October    Bad Bevensen/Ebstorf
Morning    Bad Bevensen town
    Reception at the Town Hall
    Tour of the town/ spa /health facilities visit
Afternoon    Ebstorf
    Reception at the Monastery
    Tour of the Monastery
    Guided tour
Evening    Social
Monday 23 October    Departure

We would like to invite you to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our twinning with you and extend a heartfelt welcome for you to come and join us.  We would like to take the opportunity to strengthen the ties of friendship, which began in 1967.

Date of MeetingReport FromOrganisation


 29th June 2017

Cllr Linda Hellyer



Chamber of Commerce

  10th August 2017

Cllr Tony Inch

Insp S Kenneally

Devon County Council

Devon & Cornwall Constabulary

 21st September 2017

 Cllr Linda Hellyer


 Devon County Council

Chamber of Commerce

 2nd November 2017

 Cllr Tony Inch


 Devon County Council

Devon & Somerset Fire Service


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