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Bideford Pannier Market

Pannier Market Entrance

The Bideford Pannier Market is sited in the Old Town Area: follow the High Street, take a left turn along Grenville Street and there it stands, a formidable Victorian Building. There are 3 sections to the building, with shops along the front on Market Place, Butchers Row which runs through the heart of the building and Market Hall at the top.

The Complex comprises the historic covered Market Hall which hosts adhoc markets including arts and crafts, alongside regular themed events. The facilities include the popular Galley Café, free Wi-Fi, baby changing area toilets (including those for the disabled).

The complex is dog friendly; the visiting dogs though must be walked on their lead.

The facility also includes the Butcher’s Row thoroughfare that provides an eclectic offer including noted artisans, bespoke handmade / crafted gifts and sweets outlets. The Market Place front shops include field sports, holistic treatments, Interior Design Services and hairdressing.  Butcher’s Row and Market Place Shops are open Tuesdays through to Saturdays (Mondays in season). The Complex genuinely offers a covered independent / sole trader shopping experience; all are welcome.

The Town Council operate the Market Complex with the Market Officer working on site during trading; the Administrator is based in the Town Hall.

The Market Hall Hire charges are:

1.   Half day (3.5 hours): £75.00.
2.   Full day (7 hours): £100.00.
3.   Larger Community / sporting event: £350.00.
4.   Greater / Corporate: On request.

All those operating in the Market Complex must provide proof of Public Liability Insurance cover and must complete an application form and agree to the Terms and conditions. 

Butcher’s Row Units are basic variations on a box shape and are £135.00 for a single and £216.00 for a double per month.

The Market Place Shops vary in size and facilities.

Anyone interested in hiring the Market Hall, enquiring about a Shop Unit tenancy should contact the Council: 

telephone: 01237 428817 or E Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Map showing the location of the Pannier Market




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