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7. Payment of Salaries and Wages

7.1 The payment of all salaries and wages shall be made using the bank’s auto pay system and authorised by the Town Clerk and Finance Officer from the current account in accordance with the payroll records.     

7.2 All time sheets shall be certified as to accuracy by or on behalf of the Town Clerk.

8. Loans and Investments

8.1 All loans and investments shall be negotiated by the RFO in the name of the Council, and shall be for a set period of time in accordance with Council policy.  Changes to loans and investments should be reported to the F&GP committee at the earliest opportunity.

8.2 All investments of money under the control of the Council shall be in the name of the Council.

8.3 All borrowings shall be effected in the name of the Council.

8.4 All investment certificates and other documents relating thereto shall be retained in the custody of the RFO.

8.5 The overriding object of any loan or investment undertaken by or on behalf of the Council will be to minimise any risk to the residents of the town in the form of unforeseen cost due to financial fluctuation.

8.6 Loans may only be negotiated by the Responsible Financial Officer in the name of the Council, and shall be for a set period of time. They may only be taken up with organisations or banks with the highest financial standing.

8.7 Investments will only be undertaken on behalf of the Council with banks of the highest financial standing, or with Government authorised bodies.

9. Income

9.1 The collection of all sums due to the Council shall be the responsibility of and under the supervision of the Finance Officer.

9.2 Particulars of all charges to be made for work done, services rendered or goods supplied shall be notified to the RFO and the RFO shall be ultimately responsible for the collection of all accounts due to the Council.  

9.3 The Council will review all fees and charges annually, following a report of the Town Clerk.

9.4 Any bad debts shall be reported to the F&GP committee.

9.5 All sums received on behalf of the Council shall either be paid to the Finance Officer for banking or be banked by the officer collecting the money as directed by the Finance officer.  In all cases all receipts shall be deposited with the Council’s bankers with such frequency, as the RFO considers necessary.  

9.6 A reference to the related debt, or otherwise, indicating the origin of each cheque, shall be entered on the paying-in slip.

9.7 Every transfer of official money from one member of staff to another shall be signed for by the receiving officer.

9.8 Personal cheques shall not be cashed out of money held on behalf of the Council.

10. Orders for Work, Goods and Services

10.1 An official order or letter shall be issued for all work. Goods and services unless a formal contract is to be prepared or an official order would be inappropriate e.g., petty cash purposes. Copies of orders issued shall be maintained. Only the RFO and Finance Officer are permitted to order goods via the internet, using the Town Council credit card.Confirmation of internet orders must be printed off and given to the Finance Officer who will retain them in the Purchase ledger. Members of staff wishing to purchase goods via the internet must not use personal credit cards.

10.2 Order books shall be controlled by the Finance Officer.

10.3  All officers are responsible for obtaining value for money at all times. An officer issuing an official order is to ensure as far as possible and practicable that the best available terms are obtained in respect of each transaction. 

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