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Bideford - North Ward

Doug BUSHBY Councillor 01237 472 734 Bideford
Peter Stuart CHRISTIE Councillor 01237 473 577 Bideford
Joel HERRON Councillor 01237 472409 Bideford
Dermot McGEOUGH Councillor 07812 245 007 Bideford
Trevor John JOHNS Councillor 01237 473 397 Bideford

♦Delivering the information you need about our decision making processes and supporting community participation in local democracy♦

♦ Helping to make the beautiful Town of Bideford a better place to live and work in! ♦

Bideford - A Fairtrade Town

fairtrade & Living Wage employers

Fairtrade is about equitable pricing, good work conditions, sustainability and fair trading for farmers and workers in the developing world. Bideford is a registered Fairtrade Town - Support local and world farmers - look for the fairtrade logo on your shopping items.

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