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At the heart of Butchers Row, Michael Dendle's "Souperman" kitchen serves a growing band of loyal supporters with a daily portion of soup, together with a range of freshly baked bread, cakes and cookies.

All soups are meat, wheat and dairy free, made from locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. To savour at the counter or to take away, each portion comes with a bread roll - often still warm from the oven.

The range of tastes catered for is wide. Leek and potato, cream of mushroom, roasted peppers, sweet potato, cauliflower and kale, ratatouille. Satisfied and regularly returning customers speak for the quality and value to be had here.

Michael's bread is increasingly popular, using a range of organic flour and stoneground flours as well as more traditional mixes. Saturday's cheese scones and Wednesday's ginger and raisin flapjack are just two other highlights of the baking week.

Search "souperman bideford" on Facebook for regular menu updates and news.

07990 685 897
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Fruity Breakfast Bread

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