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Agenda - Planning Committee Meeting - Wednesday 22 June 2022


You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the Planning Committee of the above-named Council to be held in the Town Hall, Bideford, on Wednesday 22nd June 2022 at 6.00 pm for the purpose of transacting the following business.
In accordance with The Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 members of the public are welcome to attend.  There is a legal right to film/record/photography/report public meetings.
Heather Blackburn
Town Clerk


1.     To receive apologies and reasons for absence.
2.     To receive declarations of interest on items on the agenda and note any requests for dispensation received by the Clerk prior to the meeting. 
3.      Public participation session of 15 minutes duration on items on the agenda.
4.      To approve the minutes of the meeting held Wednesday 1st June 2022 as a true record.                                      
5.      To consider and resolve the enclosed Planning applications on behalf of the Council.         
6.      To receive details of those Planning Applications which have been granted/refused by Planning Authorities, and any notifications of Planning Appeals.                                          


Councillors: Mrs J Gubb (Town Mayor), D Bushby, P Christie, Mrs L Hellyer, Mrs S Langford
Date of Next Meeting:  13 July 2022

PLANNING APPLICATIONS  1 June 2022 – 22 June 2022

a.    Application No: 1/0510/2022/FUL.  First floor extension at rear of property - Re-submission of 1/1249/2021/FUL.  13 Sunnyside, Bideford, EX39 4EQ.  Applicant:  Ms S Cawsey (same address).  Agent:  Mr P Ebsworthy, The Mews Studio, Northam.  (Date received:  27 May 2022).
b.    Application No:  1/0470/2022/FUH.  Erection of a new garage and conversion of existing garage.  Carnoustie, 7 Southbank Drive, Bideford, EX39 3RJ.  Applicant:  Mr Oliver (same address).  Agent: (None supplied).  (Date received:  7 June 2022).
c.    Application No:  1/0502/2022/FUL. Conversion of two barns to create one dwelling.  Land At Grid Reference 249076 124409, Gammaton, Devon.  Applicant:  Mr M Cann, Loosemore Chartered Building Company, Loosemore House, Brannam Crescent, Roundswell Business Park, Barnstaple, EX31 3TD.  Agent:  Mr M Steart, Woodward Smith Chartered Architects, Barnstaple.  (Date received:  9 June 2022).
d.    Application No:  1/0518/2022/LBC.  Remove external signage, letterbox and external ATM.  Halifax, 71A High Street, Bideford, EX39 2AA.  Applicant:  Mr M Lickley, Lloyds Banking Group, 25 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7HN.  (Date received 13 June 2022).
e.   Application No:   1/0591/2022/FUL.  Proposed Industrial Building.  Smart Manufacturing, Unit 1, Clovelly Road Industrial Estate, Bideford, EX39 3HN.  Applicant:  Mr D Hillman, PWH Surveyors Ltd, Clovelly Road Industrial Estate, 16 Castle Park Road, Whiddon Valley Industrial Estate, Barnstaple, EX32 8PA.  (Date received:  15 June 2022).
f.    Application No:  1/0596/2022/FUL.  7 Commercial Units (B1) and Associated Engineering Works (Variation of conditions 2 & 11 of Planning Approval 1/0134/2019/FUL).  Plot 32 Farm Road, Caddsdown Industrial Park, Bideford, Devon.  Applicant:  Mr C Holt, Green Cliff Holdings, Caddsdown Industrial Estate, Clovelly Road, Bideford, Devon.  Agent:  Mr A Vickery, RA Rowe, 1st Floor Bude TIC.  (Date received:  15 June 2022).
g.   Application No:   1/0564/2022/FUH.  Single storey ground floor rear extension. 3 Latham Court, Belvoir Road, Bideford, EX39  3JR.  Applicant:  Mr C Riley (same address).  Agent:  Mr P Hinton, Orchard Hill, Bideford.  (Date received:  15 June 2022)
h.   Application No:  1/0607/2022/FUH.   Replacement of existing flat roof on garage with a dual pitched roof to facilitate installation of domestic solar PV system.  Northdown House,  Northdown Road, Bideford, EX39 3LT.  Applicant:  Mr S Wheatley (same address).  Agent:  (None submitted).  (Date received:  16 June 2022).
i.   Application No:  1/0551/2022/FUL.  Retrospective demolition of existing garage and replacement with single story block garage.  41 Abbotsham Road, Bideford, Devon, EX39 3AF.  Applicant:  Mr A Fidler (same address).  Agent:  (None submitted).  (Date received 16 June 2022).

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